An essay on science in our daily life

What kind of life do we have right now? Trains roar through deserts, jungles and mountains while aeroplanes fly across thousands of kilometers in a matter of hours. Gadgets like the television and the humble radio are both a products of science.

I take down the important notes. From a bicycle comes a car, a train, a boat, a ship and a plane.

The role of Science in our daily life

All these machines are in existence because of science. Scientists have invented so many wonder drugs. The television and radio that provide us with entertainment and relaxation are also gifts of science.

You can access libraries, download mobile apps to store and view data while you are on the go. Science is creating wonders almost every day. At tiffin period I take my tiffin and say my Zohor prayer. Science is the greatest blessing to the poor housewife. The world into which science came was a world of ignorance, suffering and hardship.

News is brought to us from every corner of the world through the newspaper, radios and television.

Transportation is one of the greatest developments in our technology. Science has annihilated time and space. Heart transplants, organ transplants, blood transfusion, are all possible because of science.

Now you can sit or relax at your home and order grocery, clothes, furniture, or any other useful product or services delivered direct to your doorstep. By using a lawn mower, he can easily finish the job within the day instead of dividing three days just to finish the entire lawn.

Nothing better has happened in the history of man than advent of science in human life. Truly, science is important in everyday life. Science has come to relieve us to sufferings, to remove our ignorance and to lighter our toil.

Weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons and sophisticated armament have endangered our lives and threaten to destroy the world. Le marivaudage dissertations Le marivaudage dissertations my 16th birthday essay world war 2 summary essay on is google in praise of shadows essay writing.

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I play football or other outdoor games with my class mates. June 8, By Aditi Chopra Introduction: It has helped us communicate over long distances and make ourselves heard. Before that Galileo, Copernicus had dedicated much to the field of science. Doctors can see the inside of our body with the help of X- ray which is yet another notable discovery of science.

Because of science we are cured of many diseases. It has given us the power to reduce epidemics.Home Essay on importance of science in our daily life in hindi. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Even as little as a few dollars, ignoring science in our daily life essay alternatives.

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Science in our daily life 1. Introduction-it is the age of science. There are many wonders of science. Science plays an important part in our daily life.

Conclusion: The role of science is significant in our daily life. The various gifts of science has made our life more comfortable.

The wonderful inventions of science such as electricity, fans, air-conditioners, television, mobile phones, motor-vehicles, etc. has eased our life, and now it has become almost impossible to live without using them.

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5 Importance Of Science In Our Daily Life?

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An essay on science in our daily life
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