Essay on overcoming the nigeria security challenges a panacea for national growth and development

The doctors in the country are doing the much they could to bridge the spread of the disease. It is so demoralizing to continue hearing of various bombing incidents.

It is a threat in the lives of many people and that is one of the reasons why many workers are agitating for increase in there salaries. Because of such, the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience Jonathan, and other women in the country came up to empower Nigeria women to the best of their capacities.

It was the first rise in inflation rate after being declining since Januarywhen it reached a 12 year high of The use of tainted car glasses should be stopped by the Federal government. They offer a great value Not sit well, nigeria, folklore, religion, in nigeria and containment.

Also, the Federal Government must try as much as possible to ensure that security cameras should be mounted on sensitive areas in every city of the country. Moreover, some things can also be done in order to arrest the situation. No doubts, you can rely on this company.

Any engineer or contractor that fails to do his work well should be taken to task. This line of the Constitutions points at some factors including sex. Business suffers without a dependable road system. For chinua achebe's things fall apart, folklore, the sight of informative speech topics.

They should also support the idea of self-employment and they should hold seminars, lectures for these unemployed citizens, informing them on the essence, the importance of being self-employed.

This shows the illiteracy level of the country. As ofthere are only 32 women out of in the national parliament. People engage in illegal and bad activities when they are frustrated with legitimate options.

Many citizens of Nigeria have lost their lives in road accidents. Lack of opportunity makes them indulge in criminal acts, and their actions make the whole nation look bad. As a young man, he is daily developing himself to become solution to society's problem. It is true that Nigeria is blessed with crude oil petroleum but the question is, how correct are the volumes that are exported out of the country?

The earnings of the country per year have reduced and affecting the citizens of the country negatively. This National Essay competition is also a part of the activities lined up to mark the 73rd Birthday of Dr.

Occupation were misapplied in the atlantic slave trade inpeople unmaking england will immigration demolish in africa. Mark Nwanbiankea of Lagos State Senior Model College, Badore, came second and was rewarded with N75, a laptop and two internet-ready desktop computers for his school.

Also they should grant credit facilities and loans to these unemployed citizens so that they can start up businesses that will earn them stable income. Thousands more have been displaced by the violence. Domestic production suffers in these conditions, but many foreign companies also find it difficult to conduct business in Nigeria because of frequent power failures.

There should be strict preventive measures to make sure that they do not threaten the lives and properties of other citizens of the country.

Also, all those people who perpetuate and perpetrate that dastard acts should be brought to book. Page 1, and videos circulating in her essay next week. Various unemployed citizens of Nigeria have contributed greatly to slow down of national growth and development due to the fact that they are involved in armed robbery and that possess a threat to the lives and properties of the Nigerian citizens.

Improperly disposed garbage contributes to the spread of disease.Challenges and Prospects of Nigeria’s Development at the problems of national development in Nigeria have not been due to the lack of or absence of policy but more from poor implementation and inconsistency. For example, the approaches of the earlier planned development years were jettisoned for free market policies like the.

POVERTY, AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT The rural face of poverty and hunger and the role of agriculture. The slow pace of poverty and hunger reduction points to an urgent need for strategies that better target the areas where poor people live. Overcoming challenges essay - Perfectly written and custom academic writings.

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National security essay

Reply. Essay competition for students in secondary schools on the Nigerian security challenges.

Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve Them

First Prize: N, + laptop; winner’s school gets 3 sets of PC. The edition of the Annual Mike Okonkwo National Essay Competition for students in Nigerian secondary schools is now open for entries.

This year, being the 10th edition comes with juicy prizes for winners. Mike Okonkwo Essay Competition was initiated in the yearas part of activities to. Source: The New Nigeria,Golden Jubilee Edition, Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, Canada Challenges.

In terms of general characterization, the parliamentary system of government inherited from the British was discarded for an American-style presidential system in

Essay on overcoming the nigeria security challenges a panacea for national growth and development
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