Female feoticide

It is important to realize that sex selective abortion is an Indian issue that is already causing irreparable consequences and that what is true in one culture cannot be seen as a solution for another. With the government tightening the noose over clinics engaged in sex determination, now portable ultrasound machines are being used for the purpose.

The fact that Haryana, with just 2. Feticide is one of the procedures used to terminate such a pregnancy. The power hierarchy and financial obligation created through this system help perpetuate acts like female foeticide and a high son preference.

Countrywide surveys have shown that sex-selective abortion is more common in wealthier families and in urban areas partly because access to the technology is easier, and the economic drive stronger.

Islam Islam has always condemned infanticide. Specifically, poorer families are sometimes forced to ration food, with daughters typically receiving less priority than sons Klasen and Wink As MacPherson notes, there can be significant differences in gender violence and access to food, healthcare, immunizations between male and female children.

Obstetric ultrasonographyeither transvaginally or transabdominally, checks for various markers of fetal sex. The data suggests the existence of high sex ratios before and after the arrival of ultrasound-based prenatal care and sex screening technologies in India.

Or maybe you could pack it in a plastic bag and toss it into the river nearby. Social discrimination against women, already entrenched in Indian society, has been spurred on by technological developments that today allow mobile sex selection clinics to drive into almost any village or neighbourhood unchecked.

The ever widening gap between the number of men and women in Haryana has also led to emergence of a trend wherein women from North Eastern States are being trafficked to the State for forced marriages and bonded labour.

Article on Female Foeticide 2 words Female foeticide is a crime against women as it debars them to take birth. Spreading awareness can go a long way in saving our future sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives. In India, the number of girls is declining with each passing decade. Spending money on educating a girl is equated to investing in a venture that has already failed.

Significant deviations in birth sex ratios from the normal range can only be explained by manipulation, that is sex-selective abortion. One group estimates more than 10 million female foetuses may have been illegally aborted in India since s, andgirls were being lost annually due to female foeticide.

The development is very encouraging for the development of the nation and it will also help correct the skewed male-female ratio in many states of the country.

The Problems and Status of Women in Hindu Society

Technology The introduction of ultrasound technology in India is also blamed for the rapid elimination of females in India. Addressing the Issue and the Way Forward. Additionally, they do not contribute economically to the family wealth and are costly because of the dowry system.

With this cost and benefit analysis, many families come to the conclusion that they must prioritize male children's lives over female lives in order to ensure their financial future.

The first hearing on it was 10 years later. Many hospitals are known to sign long-term contracts with the firms involved in the production of these types of machines.

Patients have to undergo ultrasound for many other medical conditions and it is difficult to find if it is for sex determination or not. Females, who are less in number than males, outnumber males in literacy rates by roughly 4 percent.

Therefore, women and their families have to compete for men and pay a dowry as a transaction payment to make up for the lack of productive inputs they bring into a marriage. However, globally, resources are not always allocated equitably.

It has banned neo-natal sex identification, selective abortion and the killing of female babies.

Female Feticide: Causes & Effects of Sex-Selective Abortion

Thus, some scholars argue that disparities in access to resources such as healthcare, education, and nutrition play at least a small Female feoticide in the high sex ratios seen in some parts of the world. As MacPherson notes, there can be significant differences in gender violence and access to food, healthcare, immunizations between male and female children.

In some cases the pregnancy may be terminated if a serious genetic defect is found. Under the policy, parents who have more than one child may have their wages reduced and be denied some social services.

A Note on the Accuracy of Sex-Selective Abortions As opposed to CVS and amniocentesis, ultrasound technology is cheaper and Female feoticide easy reach of the lower economic strata of society.Female feticide in India can be a coldly economic calculation. — mark sappenfield, The Christian Science Monitor, "To improve the world, enlist girls, too," 15 Apr.

The measure is designed to allow prosecutors to bring feticide charges against a person who kills a pregnant woman. Provides a 50 state summary of laws related to fetal homicide. Also includes an overview of the issue, definition of feticide, increased criminal penalties for violent acts.

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India is one of the few countries where women enjoy a comparatively better status than many women in other parts of the world. True, Indian women still face many problems and are subject to the same social pressures which women experience in other parts of the world.

Female foeticide in India is the abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods. The frequency of female foeticide in India is increasing day by day.

The natural ratio is assumed to be between andand any number above it is considered as suggestive of female foeticide.

Sex-selective abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant. The selective abortion of female fetuses is most common where male children are valued over female children, especially in parts of East Asia and South Asia (particularly in countries such as People's Republic of China, India and Pakistan), as well as in the Caucasus, and Western Balkans.

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