Hypertufa projects

Every pot has the potential to surprise.

12 Unique hypertufa projects for the garden

Also try glass beads or colorful aquarium rocks added directly to the mix. This is a traditional Japanese design. Rock gardens, succulents, and moss look great in them! Playing with mud is fun! Use hands or trowel. If your mix is too wet, add more dry ingredients until you reach the desired consistency.

If you have voids, mix up the leftover dry materials with some water. Hypertufa is relatively Hypertufa projects. You may use a soft brush, piece of cloth, or your gloved hand.

Easy DIY Hypertufa Projects

I created a few different looks and I intentionally made one that was rough and rustic. There Hypertufa projects many recipes used for hypertufa projects, and most work very well to make a rustic hypertufa trough, functional or plantable hypertufa bird bath, and many hypertufa pots for your favorite hardy succulents.

Most of these tutorials have their own take on the directions as well. Milk-Carton Hypertufas Milk cartons used as molds create cube-shaped hypertufa vessels, each sized for a single succulent.

Next Prev Position the outer container, e. Spray the interior with a rubber coating sealer like flex-seal or rustoleum sealer. Finished hypertufa bowl made from a bowl! Bird baths What Makes Hypertufa so Versatile? I really like the texture the veggie oil container made!

Put inside closed plastic bag for hours. Rock gardens, succulents, and moss look great in them! If too dry, the ball will crumble apart. Directions For a 6-byinch bowl, mix 2 quarts peat moss, 2 quarts perlite, and 2 quarts portland cement; for a 7-byinch one, use 3 quarts of each.

The mix was about 4 cups each: Hypertufa containers are still practical in the garden and simple to create. For molds, start with inexpensive container from the Dollar Store.

After you have molded your pot into the mold, bring the plastic up and into the center of the pot. The Curing and Drying Process For best results with hypertufa mix, the curing process is very important. In a moist, shady area of your garden the container will develop green patches and, with luck, moss.

Clean up and wait, then remove from mold. More Container Garden Ideas Hypertufa was developed in the s to replicate the stone troughs that were popular among English gardeners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Continue adding mixture between vessels. Make sure you take note at what she used for molds… Ok, just trust me, it works! Hypertufa projects run the gamut from tiny jewel like pinch pots to troughs and paving stones. A spray of New Zealand flax underplanted with oxalis provides a touch of drama.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects everyone! Wearing gloves and a dust mask, mix equal parts white Portland cement gray can be substituted for nontinted vesselsperlite, and peat moss in a large bin; stir in masonry stain if desired.Nov 13, Hypertufa ideas, completed, future projects or dreams | See more ideas about Cement, Gardening and Cement art.

Hypertufa Project Design file. Hypertufa is a lightweight cement mix that makes it simple to make your own plant containers and projects.

Once you begin, you’ll find more and more ideas to do the dress up the garden and the best thing about this hypertufa is that they begin to age and look very rustic and natural in the garden. Create rustic, textured pots from Portland cement, perlite (or vermiculite), and water.

Follow these basic steps and take a look at our ideas for using the technique to make custom containers in the size, shape and look of your choice. Measure ingredients in a ratio in proportion to the volume.

Hypertufa is a lightweight cement mix that makes it simple to make your own plant containers and projects. See these fabulous ideas and learn a few tips to make your own. Hypertufa is a mixture of cement and several other ingredients such as sand, water, peat moss, perlite or vermiculite.

Hypertufa is gaining popularity as an ideal medium to create outdoor flower pots and other garden decorations. Building Hypertufa Projects is a great way to fill your garden with unique rustic garden crafts.

Hypertufa projects
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