Using time and sequence vocabulary in recipe writing activity

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Sequencing activities are a good addition to any reading program. Have students arrange a set of appropriate music notes in the order of the melody of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat. You can make double use of a retelling activity by giving students a series of pictures from the story they read.

Once all the groups have presented, ask the class to vote on which dinner party they would most like to attend.

If you would like, you can also have students illustrate the phrase.

Transition Words Worksheets

If students are having difficulty remembering, look back at the story. Provide the students with an assessment rubric, detailing requirements e.

Activity 2 - Identifying good choice of words in a text Tell the students that we are going to read the text 'Dreadful David' by Sally Odgers and Craig Smith.

These examples fit within Bloom's synthesis level. Divide the class into small groups of and allocate a text to each group, for example, 'Henny Penny' by Jane Wattenberg.

Call five students with obviously different heights to the front of the class. Distribute one per pair. Here's a good follow-up for food vocabulary, recipes, etc: Discuss with students the steps that were followed to make the soup.

Explain that 'word choice' is the selection of interesting, creative and effective words in a piece of writing. Everyone will have a good time. If you are teaching academic writing to your ESL students, try this.

Read the old fabel about soldiers who made Stone Soup Ask students to listen for the procedure and the words chosen. The basic level of arranging events, items, or objects in a predetermined order, which fits within the comprehension level of Bloom's Taxonomy, has been discussed here. Supermarket Ads--There are a lot of possible activities using supermarket ads.

Students as code-breakers and text-participants Students as text-participants Students as text-users: Explain to class that what you did was one way to sequence.Time / Sequence Transition Words These transition words of time and sequence explain order or chronology to the reader.

Example: In the meantime, the library will be closed during lunch.

Green Eggs and Ham Activities

Students examine the topics of conflict, resolution, and solution using the book "Stone Soup." They create a class pictograph using real vegetables brought in by the students, answer story comprehension questions, and sequence the events.

In this food worksheet activity, students ask and answer questions about eating habits.

Time and Sequence Words Practice

Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Working alone, students read the questions about food on the worksheet and complete the answers by writing in the spaces provided.


discuss aspects of planning prior to writing, eg knowledge of topic, specific vocabulary and language features identify elements of their writing that need improvement and review using feedback from teacher and peers.

W – Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., explore a number of “how-to” books on a given topic and use them to write a sequence of instructions). 16 learning outcomes – click to view. Sequencing Lesson Lesson Objective: The students will sequence six events that occur in a fiction story with % accuracy.

Technology objective: The students will use drag and drop to sequence images and words in the correct order.

Using time and sequence vocabulary in recipe writing activity
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