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Was Haig the Butcher of the somme?

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essaysDoes Haig Deserve his Nickname "The Butcher of The Somme"? Feild Marshall Haig was appointed commander of the army on 10th of Decemberhe was fifty-four at the time and he had had a very succesful military career. Haig decided to attack the Germans.

All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment. The issue of Douglas Haig’s role as a general on the Western Front, during the Battle of the Somme inhas been thoroughly questioned by many historians to date. and that’s why Douglas Haig will forever be condemned as ‘Butcher of the Somme’.

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My Significant Other My research My Quality World. View all results Hire writer. Haig – Butcher of the Somme? Essay Sample. Haig was appointed commander of the army on 10th of Decemberand he had had a very successful military career.

Was haig a butcher essay
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