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Substantially reducing poverty; 5. The insurance provides the solution for this question. Decreased income earning potential with age.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Although the overall saving rate of the household sector has not fallen Yojana june 2015 any significant margin, more recently, their savings kept in the financial form as a ratio of ODP have fallen. Submit the duly filled in application form to your banker.

The subscribers can opt to decrease or increase pension amount during the course of accumulation phase. The FM has increased outlays on both the roads and the gross budgetary support to the railways, by Rs.

So, do not take this as a document which you take read, remember and reproduce in the examination. Yet the message delivered Yojana june 2015 the last edition remains the same. Some of the external investors have been dissuaded from investing in India because of particular tax provision called the general anti-avoidance rules GAAR.

The FM also observed that the bottom-of-the-pyramid, hard-working entrepreneurs find it difficult, if not impossible, to access formal systems of credit. Operation of additional amount for delayed payments: The other side of the coin however, is too much of human interference with the nature and unhealthy lifestyle resulting in greater sufferings in terms of severe and untreatable diseases.

The new scheme is scheduled for launch on 1st June PFRDA may permit members of an existing non statutory social security scheme to migrate to NPS under such terms and condition as may be approved by the Government.

How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana.

The budget has set aside Rs. However, the switching option shall be provided once in year during the month of April. Port connectivity Infrastructure projects: However, the benefit of five years of government Co- contribution under APY would not exceed 5 years for all subscribers.

Since we already have the account with our banker, this form has very minimal entries to be filled in.

IASbaba’s YOJANA-JUNE 2015

The prospective subscribers may also join the scheme without Aadhar but it should be submitted subsequently. For example, members of the Social Security Schemes under the following enactments would not be eligible to receive Government co-contribution: The magazine is essential to build an in-depth understanding of various socio-economic issues.

In India, looking into the growing significance of naturopathy, a full-fledged Ministry has been created in order to lay emphasis in the field of naturopathy. The event was accompanied by a comprehensive digital strategy, resulting in a significant surge of interest on social media, TV and newspapers.

It wont take more than 15 minutes to fill this form. This would imply that if, as a Swavalamban beneficiary, he has received the benefit of government Co-Contribution of 1 year, then the Government co-contribution under APY would be available only 4 years and so on.

Homoeopathy was developed in the early s by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The Ministry has been working continuously on upgradation, quality control and standardization of naturopathic medicines. Claim form can be downloaded from the below link: Skilling young population and making in India; And, it is in this context that the governments world over are trying to evolve policies for promoting these naturotherapies so that the less privileged as well as the more vulnerable sections are more benefited.

How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana.

Its only purpose is to equip you with the right understanding. Power generation, transmission and distribution, power trading and power exchanges Tourism Foreign tourist arrivals to India has risen 7.

If the inflation is about 4 per cent, that would give a real increase of only about 2 per cent. A Pension provides people with a monthly income when they are no longer earning.

A security manual for licensed defence industry has been recently issued. However, coverage under Swavalamban Scheme is inadequate mainly due to lack of guaranteed pension benefits at the age of 60 therefore, announced a new initiative called Atal Pension Yojana with guaranteed pension benefits.

The Gist of Yojana: June 2015

We are not discouraging from reading the magazine itself. On September 25thMake in India was unveiled in the presence of domestic and global business leaders, policy-makers and members of the media at a high-profile event in New Delhi.

Again, any strong stimulus to demand is not likely to come from the side of the central budget as they have planned only for an increase in the overall expenditure of 5. After the recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission, and in fact, beginning from the budget, fiscal transfers are being given to the states such that there has been an increase in the transparency of transfers and autonomy for choosing priorities for the state governments.This is our 3rd edition of Yojana Gist released for the month of JUNE, on Alternative Health in India and other important issues.

Yet the message delivered in the last edition remains the same. Yojana magazine (released by Ministry of I&B) is increasingly finding a place in the questions of both UPSC Prelims and Mains. Hello sir.l am an ias aspirant.l request to you that august yojana magazine keep on website for agronumericus.com Enter your email address to subscribe to Insights IAS and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Jun 27,  · Cover for the members enrolled after 31 st May will be the prospective period from the date when they enroll to 31 st May But full premium to be paid. But full premium to be paid. 3. Jun 19,  · Sunday, June 14, atal pension scheme, Atal Pension Yojana, Government Pensions, National Pension Plan, National Pension Scheme, Pension News, PRAN Card, Public Pensions No comments MUMBAI: Pension fund regulator PFRDA is hopeful of increasing the corpus of New Pension System (NPS) by Rs 40.

The theme of YOJANA, June is Ayurveda and Yoga which in the Indian medical system have started their journey more than years ago. While Siddha is one of ancient systems of medicine prevailing in South India, Unani has its roots in ancient Greece.

Yojana june 2015
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